Treat IBD (Chrons/Colitis) with CBD

CBD for IBD, Chron’s, and Colitis?

CBD oil use for IBD, such as Chron’s and Colitis, is a promising therapy option for those suffering. Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) can oftentimes be painful and debilitating for those living with the chronic disease. Symptoms of IBD’s include intense abdominal pain, constipation, bloating, and gas among other feelings of general discomfort. Chrons, ulcerative colitis, lymphocytic colitis, collagen colitis, and other IBD sufferers require lifelong treatment and careful watch over their diets.

Typical treatment for these diseases is aggressive medications that do not work for everybody. Aside from the expense of various prescribed medications, the side effects also prove problematic. This is where CBD steps in. CBD can treat many of the symptoms associated with IBDs. Research shows that high-quality CBD oils and products are non-psychoactive, can improve existing symptoms, slow the disease down, and last but not least….are affordable.

Can CBD oil help with IBD?

CBD oil can indeed for IBD’s such as Crohn’s and Colitis.

Studies have paralleled many anecdotal statements that concur that CBD products initiate benefits for those battling Chron’s disease.

CBD is becoming an increasingly viable treatment option or IBD. The CBD compound initiates common beneficial cannabinoid effects on the gut.

CBD’s ability to treat symptoms of chronic inflammations and its low toxicity ensure the promise of CBD use for IBDs well into the future.

How does CBD help with IBD?

Our bodies have cannabinoid receptors (1 and 2) that may control central functions. You will find CB1 receptors located mostly in the central and nervous systems. CB 2 resistors regulate immunity functions, pain, and common inflammation. When CBD is introduced to our bodies, it spurs our natural endocannabinoid system to help balance our body’s health.

CBD treatments can comfort painful muscle contractions in the intestine and create fewer surprise movements inside the intestine. Furthermore, CBD use reduces inflammation in the intestines, reduces nausea and vomiting, and lessens overall physical and mental stress.

Where to buy CBD oil for IBD?

Treatments of CBD for Colitis and Crohn’s, as well as other IBDs frequently include CBD oil, CBD tinctures, and gummies/edibles among other products.

Here is a list of some high-quality CBD products for Crohn’s and Colitis on the market.

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