How CBD can help dogs.

It is lovely to have a dog as a pet. Dogs add tremendous joy to our life. However, we should realize that just like us humans, pets too have ailments and need some external and internal attention! 

Nowadays, many medicines that are suitable for humans can be administered to dogs and cats too. According to Canine Journal, there are options from pain relief to eye drops. Nonetheless, it is always better to consult the vet before giving them any medication. 


CBD stands for cannabidiol, a natural cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. Even though it is considered a drug, it doesn’t make you feel high, and it has its advantages and uses. A cannabinoid is a chemical that helps to balance the ECS or endocannabinoid system. The ECS is a natural system that controls sleep, appetite, pain, emotions, and more in the body. Using CBD products to help balance the ECS has proven equally effective for pets as for humans.


There is a general belief that THC makes you feel high (tetrahydrocannabinol), the compound in cannabis that is responsible for psychoactive effect). There is the same widespread belief that CBD (cannabidiol) does not make you feel high. However, one should know that CBD for dogs has less than 0.3% THC. It is always advisable to check the potency of the drug before use, as products with high THC concentrations are not suited for pets.

You would not like to risk your pet’s life, so do not buy products from untrusted sources. Don’t trust misleading labels and buy your products from reputed and trusted companies.


Even though there is no announced data about giving CBD treats to dogs for health issues, pet owners swear by its benefits for treating the dogs for anxiety, relieving pain, and controlling seizures. Especially for elderly dogs, CBD dog treats can help provide relief in their day-to-day. 

  • Pain
    CBD oil works as a natural pain killer as opposed to prescription medicines. Since it has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps pets suffering from chronic pain and arthritis to get relief. Your pets start feeling comfortable again! Besides giving CBD oil orally, for pain, one can also use CBD cream for topical application. Don’t forget to check with your vet before making any significant changes in your dog’s regiment.
  • Anxiety
    Pets are known to have anxiety stemming from separation or loud noises like thunder or fireworks. CBD has a calming effect on the pets, and it helps to keep them under control.Giving CBD treats to dogs before anxiety triggering events like a long car journey or thunderstorm has been shown to ease the discomfort in the animal and even enhance sleep quality.
  • Seizures
    In 2018, the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation (AKC CHF) planned to launch a research study to observe CBD’s effects on dogs during seizures. Many pet owners believe that the oil works fine, especially for dogs with epilepsy.
  • Nausea
    If the dog is frequently vomiting or has lost appetite, then CBD can help to rectify the condition as it has anti-nausea properties. It is best to consult a vet before administering CBD; because there might be a severe health issue that needs detection and attention.

Recent research states that cannabis in the form of CBD (non-hallucinogenic) is useful in supporting treatments for various conditions in dogs. Because of this, it’s not surprising to find CBD Oil, CBD dog treats, and CBD sprays available at vets and medical shops (along with other regular pet medicines). Make sure to read the labels and understand the contents and strength before giving it to your dogs and pets. Always make sure that you buy products from a trusted company so that the ingredients are safe and the labels are correct. 

Gone are the days of treating pets with just prescription medicines! CBD is a natural way to address many health issues. And it can be a solution for your dogs! 

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  • cannabis oil amazon
    October 20, 2020 7:01 pm

    Super interesting.

  • I specifically like CBD Isolate Crystals because they do not contain any THC so I have peace of mind in the case that I have to take a drug test for work because I work for the government.

  • what states have recreational weed
    October 21, 2020 2:13 am

    I specifically like CBD Isolate Crystals because they do not contain any THC so I have peace of mind in the case that I have to take a drug test for work because I am in the military..

  • What a great read – I’ll be sharing with my husband. This is appreciated!


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